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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send to a PO BOX mailing address?

We mostly deliver orders via DHL Express and they don't accept deliveries to PO BOX Addresses.
Is the Net Gun legal in the US? How about in other countries? Can you send to my country?

Yes it is 100% legal in the US and most countries. Net Gun is not considered as a weapon as Net Gun don't use any gun powder or other explosive materials which are used by some similar cheap imitation alternatives. Net Gun use 16gr CO2 Cartridge which is a compressed air cannister used widely by cyclists to inflate a bicycle tire. We recommend clients to check with local authorities. Clients bear full responsibility of the tax and import duty if applicable.

Please note that it is client's full responsibilities if Customs in destination country reject the items. Based on previous experiences, currently we are unable to send to Russia, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.
What is a Net Head?

Net Head consists of net container, net and weights.
What are the net size options? Which net size is suggested for capturing certain objects?

Currently we have 3 net size options:

Option Hole Size Dimension Suggested for capturing
2.5cm 2.5cm x 2.5cm 1.8m x 1.8m Rodents, birds, rabbits, etc
7.5cm 7.5cm x 7.5cm 3m x 3m Cats, dogs, etc
18cm 18cm x 18cm 3.25m x 3.25m Deer, dogs, human, etc
What is the Net Gun made out of?

Net Module is made of high impact plastic. Net Launcher is made of metal.
What type of CO2 Cartridges can I use with Net Gun? Can I use threaded version of CO2 Cartridges? Can I use 12gr version?

Net Gun is designed for 16gr CO2 Cartridges, either threaded or non-threaded version. Earlier models (before late 2016) are suitable only for non-threaded version. Net Gun is not compatible with 12gr version of CO2 Cartridges.
Where can I purchase 16gr CO2 Cartridges? Can I purchase from your website? Do you offer bulk wholesale price?

Depending on the country of mailing address, you can order CO2 Cartridges from us (at wholesale price), please check our Net Gun Order Form. CO2 Cartridges may be sent separately due to Aviation Safety Regulations requirements.

If you are located in countries that we are unable to delivery the CO2 Cartridges, usually you can purchase them in most local bicycle stores. If you need assistance to find a local supplier, please contact us.

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